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Our family stroll through a Shannon area attraction that represents all of Ireland in a microcosm.

Collage of videos and photos from watercolor tour and workshop in September 2016. More photos and information for 2017 at http://www.ireland-for-you.com/PleinAirIreland.htm

Our neighborhood hosts one of the biggest and most fun parades during Prague's carnival season.

Two minutes of fireworks and fun on our local square: Namesti Jiriho z Podebrad.

A brief video; for narrative and photos see our blog post at http://parosparadise.com/CzechMates/

Nearly every weekend there is an event at our local square. Since we walk through the square to catch the tram or Metro, it all makes for ever changing scenery every where we go.

Our second tour allowed photos so this is supplement to our first tour a few years ago: http://parosparadise.com/CzechMates/2011/10/25/pilsen-brewery-and-city/

140 years of public transport in Prague. Watched at Náměstí Republiky

Prague fall wine festival featuring the seasonal burcak. More at my blog: http://parosparadise.com/CzechMates/2015/09/14/burcak-festival/

Probably our favourite festival in Prague because of the wide variety of international food. Too bad I didn't get any good shots of the food; the queues block the scene. Held at Podvini Park.

River corner by dancing building with live music and all.

3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms with emphasis on style panoramic vistas over Paros, Antiparos and the Aegean

A preview of the photos and full tourist guide to be found at www.visit-ancient-greece.com On this web site you will learn how to see and appreciate the birth place of western civilization. Discover the best sites to visit and how to get there. Our maps, photos & informative diagrahms will help you enjoy your own Greece odyssey.

1 Aug 12 session at Three Cranes,Turvey, Beds, England

I am not capable of doing justice to the midnight scene in our local square. Since dark at about 4:30 P.M. we had been hearing explosions and seeing occassional bursts of color out our 3rd floor window overlooking a small park. Before midnight we went to the square around the corner where there were many small groups of people setting off their fireworks. Something was happening continously in all directions. Not the grandeur of the professional display down on the Valtava River but very impressive. Truly a community celebration!

2011 Cross channel swim Competition and fun Good times on Antiparos and Paros More on our web site at www.ParosParadise.com

Brief video of kinetic sculpture titled Pissing Men by David Cerny. There is more to it then meets the eye. Read and see more from Prague on our blog: http://www.parosparadise.com/CzechMates/

A few highlights of Lake Erie College during study abroad on Paros, Greece. Paros Hospitality creates custom programs to suit your college's interests and budget. More information at http://www.ParosParadise.com/ParosLearning.htm

Private villa hire on Paros, Cyclades, Greece http://www.ParosParadise.com/villas.htm Bad camera work is by Michael Good editing is by Ben Taylor

To capture sound not sight

Every year on June 23 the May wreaths are burned on the beach in Aliki. Add free food and drink and you have a party. As the drink flows the adults take their turn at a good luck jump.

Private villa rental on Paros, Greece http://www.ParosParadise.com/villas.htm

A local Greek fishing village celebrates in the sun on 1 March 2009. See and read more on our full service Paros web site: http://www.ParosParadise.com/ParosFestivals.htm

Quick panorama from roof top of Villa Randiana mid September 2008. Wait for the cat! Details at http://www.ParosParadise.com/Randiana.htm

Carp are available only a few days before Christmas. They are the traditional Christmas eve menu item.

Annual Aliki Festival on 6 August includes on stage dancing by one and all, graceful and not so so graceful. Sorry for the lack of sound; I am still learning to operate the camera.

Will and Laura have a Greek ceremony.

Paros, Greece: A glance at world kite boarding professional competition.

31 May 2008 returning to Paros from Athens/Piraeus on a calm sea. One of several sitings. See our home page: http://www.ParosParadise.com

Miscellaneous photos with captions of our expat life on the Greek island of Paros. Browse our web site for a travelogue: http://www.ParosParadise.com Cheers

A four bedroom remodeled Greek farm house at the beach on Paros, Greece. This particular villa is no longer available for rental but we have similar that are available. See more at http://www.ParosParadise.com/villas.htm

44042 Aliki 3, Paros, 84400, Greece
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